Point System At Work: Customizable Employee Performance and Attendance Management3 min read

Oct 6, 2021 2 min

Point System At Work: Customizable Employee Performance and Attendance Management3 min read

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How does your organization keep track of attendance and encourage good habits? It’s likely that point systems are used in some way, shape or form. If point systems are not being used to their full potential, then this post is for you. read on to learn how point systems can be customized for increased efficiency!

Recognition and rewards programs have been shown to be instrumental in the retention of employees. Recognition is an employee’s need for recognition from their coworkers with regards to what they accomplished during work hours, while benefits are often not related enough to motivate workers towards seeking employment elsewhere when a company offers better compensation packages or greater opportunity for growth within itself than any other business out there competing against them locally; however, some people might still leave even though it has nothing do with money because no matter how well compensated one may feel at the first place if he does not enjoy interacting socially outside then chances aren’t high that person will stick around long term.

Point system in place to increase company productivity and employee performance. these point systems are often used within the office setting when employees must abide by certain rules for how they behave, dress, or perform their job tasks if they wish to earn their rewards; but there is no one size fits all approach that works equally well with every worker because people have different motivations behind why they show up for a job day after day – some do it only based on money while others will stay around even though pay might be lower than what other companies offer them simply because of excitement level working here brings, so customizing point systems requires managers’ attention to detail combined with lots of patience from both sides before everyone starts feeling responsible towards realizing their full potential.

One Of The Most Popular Policies

Employees receive disciplinary punishment for certain numbers or patterns of unscheduled absences and are eventually terminated if they continue to accumulate more points.

Points can be accumulated for a variety of reasons, including “unauthorized absences” or even being late. The point value assigned to each infraction may vary from company to company – some organizations assign point values as high as 15 points per day, while others give only one point every two hours an employee is absent.

The most common attendance policies include suspension without pay; disciplinary probation; improvement period (which usually consists of the first three offenses receiving counseling and/or training); termination after four occurrences within a twelve-month period resulting in automatic termination with no possibility of rehiring unless there were extenuating circumstances such as a death in the family.; demotion; transfer to another department which would not take into consideration any history of previous attendance problems; and, lastly, termination.

Other Point Systems

Lacking two days of work earns an employee three points. One day is worth four points and one half a point for each hour worked less than 40 hours in a week (i.e., if you did not receive more than 20 hours of work during any given week, you would be credited with only 0.25 points). If this policy were applied to your example employees that had missed ten days of work due to illness or injury then they would have received 14 points over their first six months on the job resulting in an automatic suspension without pay since it was within their twelve-month probationary period.