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How Much Do Graveyard Workers Make? You’ll Be Surprised!5 min read

Mar 7, 2023 4 min

How Much Do Graveyard Workers Make? You’ll Be Surprised!5 min read

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Graveyard workers can make a good living, depending on the city and the specific graveyard. In some cases, graveyard workers can make as much as $50,000 per year. The average wage for graveyard workers is around $25,000.

How Much Do Graveyard Workers Make

Graveyard workers, also known as groundskeepers, are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of cemetery grounds. They may be employed by a cemetery or a landscaping company and their job duties vary depending on their employer and the size of the cemetery. On average, graveyard workers make between $10.00 and $15.00 an hour, depending on their experience, location, and the cemetery’s size and budget. Graveyard workers generally work part-time and are often required to work on weekends and holidays. Graveyard workers must possess a valid driver’s license and may be required to have a background check or drug test before being hired. Graveyard workers must also be comfortable working outdoors, in all weather conditions, and must be physically fit to perform their job duties.

Average Salary of Graveyard Workers: What factors influence their salaries, comparison to other professionals

Graveyard workers are essential for keeping cemeteries running smoothly and, as a result, their salaries often reflect the important role they play in the community. The average salary of graveyard workers varies depending on several factors, including the type of graveyard they work in, their experience, and the region in which they work.

In general, graveyard workers make less than many other professionals. The median salary for graveyard workers is typically around $25,000 per year, although this can vary widely based on the type of graveyard. For example, workers at a private cemetery may make slightly more than those at a public cemetery. Graveyard workers with more experience and specialized skills, such as groundskeeping and landscaping, may make more than those without such skills.

In addition to experience and type of graveyard, geography can also have an impact on the average salary of graveyard workers. For example, graveyard workers in larger cities may make more than those in smaller towns, as the cost of living is typically higher in large cities. Graveyard workers in rural areas may make less than those in more urban areas due to the lower cost of living.

How Much Do Graveyard Workers Make? You'll Be Surprised!

Overall, the average salary of graveyard workers is lower than many other professions. However, graveyard workers play an important role in the community, and their salaries may reflect this. Graveyard workers may also receive benefits such as health insurance and vacation days, which can help to offset their lower salaries.

Benefits and Working Conditions: What type of benefits and working conditions are provided

Graveyard workers are those who take on the difficult task of working in the late hours of the night. Working graveyard shifts requires a great deal of dedication, as many people find it difficult to adjust to the opposite sleep schedule and isolation. While graveyard workers often don’t make as much as those who work during the day, there are still a few benefits to working these odd hours.

When it comes to benefits, graveyard workers may receive health insurance, life insurance, and other standard benefits that most industries provide. In some cases, they may also receive additional benefits such as a shift differential or overtime pay. This means that graveyard workers may make more than their day-time counterparts, depending on the industry.

Working conditions for graveyard workers may vary depending on the industry. In general, graveyard workers may have more safety risks than those who work during the day. To mitigate this risk, many employers take extra steps to ensure the safety of their graveyard workers. This may include providing safety equipment, enforcing safety protocols, and providing additional training.

Overall, graveyard workers may not receive the same amount of pay as employees who work during the day, but they may still receive benefits such as health insurance and overtime pay. They may also have additional safety protocols in place to ensure their safety while on the job.

Additional Income: Other sources of income for graveyard workers

How Much Do Graveyard Workers Make? You'll Be Surprised!

When it comes to graveyard workers, most of us think of the base salary they earn for their graveyard shift hours. But what about additional income? What other sources of income are available to graveyard workers?

One of the most common sources of additional income for graveyard workers is tips. While the exact amount of tipping varies from place to place, many graveyard workers rely on tips to supplement their primary salary. Tips are usually given at the end of each shift, and they can range from a few extra dollars to a large portion of the graveyard worker’s total income.

Some graveyard workers can also earn a commission or bonus based on their performance. For instance, if a graveyard worker is able to complete certain tasks or meet certain goals during their shift, they may be eligible for a commission or bonus. This type of additional income is often offered to graveyard workers who have proven their worth over time.

Another way graveyard workers can generate additional income is by working overtime. Many graveyard shift jobs require graveyard workers to stay on for extra hours to complete their tasks. This allows graveyard workers to earn extra money for the extra hours they put in.

In addition to the above sources of additional income, graveyard workers may also be eligible for various benefits, such as health insurance, vacation time, and bonuses. These benefits vary from employer to employer, so it is important for graveyard workers to research their options before signing on for any graveyard shift job.

Graveyard workers can also take advantage of certain tax breaks, such as deductions for certain expenses related to their job. For example, graveyard workers may be able to deduct the cost of meals, travel, or other work-related expenses.

All in all, graveyard workers can earn a significant amount of additional income through tips, bonuses, overtime, and other benefits. While the exact amount of additional income varies depending on the graveyard worker’s employer and the specific job they have, there are many ways graveyard workers can supplement their primary salary.


The average graveyard worker in the United States makes $30,000 per year. Graveyard workers in some states make as much as $50,000 per year. The most common benefits offered to graveyard workers are health insurance and retirement plans.

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