Find Out How Much Ase Certification Costs!6 min read

Mar 6, 2023 5 min

Find Out How Much Ase Certification Costs!6 min read

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ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification is a certification program that is designed to ensure the highest level of competence in the automotive service and repair industry. It is a voluntary certification program that is recognized and accepted by many employers in the automotive industry. ASE certification is earned through a combination of experience and successful completion of ASE certification tests. ASE certifications are available in several different areas of automotive expertise, ranging from engine repair and maintenance to collision repair and service.

The cost of obtaining ASE certification can vary depending on the number of certifications you are seeking, the type of certifications, and the testing center you are using. Generally, the cost for the ASE certification tests ranges from $30 to $70 for each test, with some specialty tests costing more. Additionally, there is an annual fee of $36 for each certification you hold. If you are looking to obtain multiple certifications, the cost can add up quickly. Additionally, you may need to take refresher courses or pay for additional training or materials in order to keep your certifications current.

How Much Does Ase Certification Cost

The cost of getting an ASE certification depends on which certification you are seeking. For example, a single certification test costs $36, while a series of tests can cost up to $116. Additionally, there is an $18 fee for each retest. However, if you need to retake a series of tests, the total cost could be up to $200. To get full ASE certification, you must pass at least one test from each of the eight series of tests, which can cost up to $924. Therefore, the cost of ASE certification can range anywhere from $36 to $924.

Cost Breakdown of ASE Certification

When it comes to certifications, ASE certification is one of the most sought-after credentials in the automotive industry. It signifies a commitment to the highest standards of professional excellence and mastery of the industry’s skills and knowledge. But is it worth the cost? How much does ASE certification really cost?

The cost of ASE certification varies depending on the type of certification you are pursuing. ASE offers 10 different certifications, each of which requires a different set of tests and fees. So before you decide to pursue ASE certification, you must first understand the types of certifications available and the associated costs.

The cost of each ASE certification exam will vary based on the type of exam. Generally speaking, the cost of the exam is $30 to $50 depending on the specialty. If a retest is required, the cost is $25. In addition to the cost of the test, ASE requires a registration fee of $36.

Find Out How Much Ase Certification Costs!

In addition to the exam and registration fees, you must also factor in the cost of study materials. ASE offers a variety of study materials to help you prepare for the exam. These range in cost from $20 to $50 depending on the type of material you require.

Finally, you must also factor in the cost of recertification. ASE requires that all certifications be renewed every five years in order to remain valid. The cost of recertification is $36 per certification.

When it comes to the cost of ASE certification, it’s important to remember that it can add up quickly. Between the cost of the exam, registration fees, study materials, and recertification, it can be easy to overlook the total cost. Before you commit to pursuing ASE certification, it’s important to do the math and make sure you’re comfortable with the associated costs.

Benefits of ASE Certification

ASE Certification is a highly sought-after credential in the automotive industry that can bring a range of benefits to those who obtain it. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is the leading certification organization for automotive technicians, and its certifications are recognized and respected by employers, customers, and peers across the industry. ASE Certification is not just a recognition of your skills and qualifications, it can also open up a range of opportunities and bring you tangible rewards. Here are some of the benefits of having an ASE Certification:

1. Increased Earning Potential – ASE Certified technicians are in high demand and can often command higher wages than non-certified technicians. This can make a big difference to your bottom line and allow you to earn more over the course of your career.

2. Professional Recognition – Being ASE Certified demonstrates that you have the skills and qualifications necessary to work in the automotive industry. This can help to open doors for you, and increase your chances of getting hired or promoted.

3. Improved Job Security – ASE Certified technicians are more valuable to employers, and so they are less likely to be laid off during times of economic downturn.

4. Access to Resources – ASE Certifications come with access to a range of resources that can help you to stay ahead of the competition. This includes access to industry-leading training materials and programs, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Find Out How Much Ase Certification Costs!

5. Access to Networking Opportunities – Being ASE Certified provides you with the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry. This can open up a range of networking opportunities and help you to build a valuable network of contacts.

In short, having an ASE Certification can bring a range of benefits to those who obtain it. It is a highly sought-after credential in the automotive industry, and can help to open doors for you and give you the skills and qualifications you need to excel in the industry.

Additional Costs to Consider

When it comes to taking the ASE certification tests, there are many additional costs to consider beyond the cost of the tests themselves. While the cost of the tests may vary depending on the location and the number of tests taken, there are several other expenses that could add up quickly, so it’s important to factor them into your budget.

One of the most common additional costs associated with ASE certification is the cost of studying materials. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the various concepts and topics covered in the tests, and this can often require the purchase of textbooks, study guides, and other reference materials. Additionally, many test takers also purchase online courses or tutoring services to help them better prepare for the tests.

Other potential costs include the fees associated with registering for the tests, as well as the cost of any required safety equipment. It’s also important to factor in the cost of time off from work for the tests and any necessary travel expenses.

Finally, it’s important to consider the potential cost of failing the tests. If a test taker passes all the tests on the first attempt, there is no additional cost. However, if a test is failed, there may be fees associated with retaking the tests. Additionally, any time and expenses associated with studying for the tests again must be factored in.

Overall, it’s important to be aware of all the potential costs associated with taking the ASE certification tests, including the cost of study materials, registration fees, safety equipment, and travel expenses. Additionally, it’s important to consider the potential costs of failing the tests and having to retake them. By considering all of these costs, test takers can ensure that they are prepared to take the tests without unexpected surprises.


The cost of ase certification can vary depending on the program and the location. However, most programs typically range from $250 to $1,000.

Is ASE Certification Worth It??