Discover How To Become A Journeyman Lineman!6 min read

Mar 6, 2023 5 min

Discover How To Become A Journeyman Lineman!6 min read

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There are several ways that one can become a journeyman lineman. The most common way is to attend a trade school or vocational program that offers training in the trade. There are also apprenticeship programs available that offer on the job training under the supervision of a journeyman lineman. Some companies also offer training programs to their employees. In order to become a journeyman lineman, one must have a certain amount of experience and training in the trade.

How To Become A Journeyman Lineman

Becoming a journeyman lineman is a great way to begin a rewarding career in the energy industry. To get started, you will need to earn a high school diploma or GED and complete a formal apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships typically last three to five years and involve a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on work experience. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can apply for a journeyman lineman position. You may also need to take an additional exam to obtain a journeyman lineman license. After obtaining the license, you will need to demonstrate technical skills and knowledge on the job. This can include climbing poles and other structures safely, using tools and equipment properly, and following safety protocols. With the right training and experience, you can become a journeyman lineman and enjoy a long and successful career.

Gather the necessary education, experience and certifications

Becoming a journeyman lineman is no easy task. It requires intense dedication, education, experience, and certifications. Every lineman’s journey begins with the acquisition of the necessary education, experience, and certifications to be successful.

While education is not a requirement for a lineman position, it is highly recommended to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field such as electrical engineering, construction management, or industrial technology. Additionally, linemen need to receive specialized training from a lineman program. These programs are typically offered through vocational schools and community colleges, and they provide students with the necessary knowledge to safely and properly perform the job.

Experience is also important to becoming a journeyman lineman. This can be gained through apprenticeships and internships, as well as through hands-on work. These experiences give linemen the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the job, as well as the ins and outs of the industry.

Discover How To Become A Journeyman Lineman!

Finally, certifications are essential to becoming a journeyman lineman. These certifications are offered through the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC). They include a Journeyman Lineman Certification and a Master Lineman Certification. The Journeyman Lineman Certification is the entry-level certification, and is required before a lineman can move on to the Master Lineman Certification.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in becoming a journeyman lineman, you’ll need to gather the necessary education, experience, and certifications to do so. By getting an education in a related field, gaining hands-on experience, and obtaining the necessary certifications, you’ll be able to start your journey to becoming a journeyman lineman.

Research and apply for apprenticeships

Becoming a journeyman lineman is an exciting and rewarding career path that requires dedication and hard work. The journey to becoming a journeyman lineman starts with research and application. Taking the time to research and understand the qualifications, benefits, and pay associated with being a journeyman lineman is essential to making an informed decision.

The first step to becoming a journeyman lineman is to research apprenticeships available. There are a variety of apprenticeship programs offered by trade unions, technical schools, and utilities. The best way to find out about apprenticeship programs is to talk to people in the industry and research online.

Once you’ve identified a few apprenticeship programs, it’s time to apply. Each program will have its own application process and requirements, so make sure to read the instructions carefully. Most programs will require a resume, cover letter, references, and possibly an interview. It’s important to provide as much information as possible and to be honest in your application.

After submitting your application, you may be required to take a written or practical test. Pay attention to the instructions and be sure to prepare ahead of time. Once you pass the test, you will be put on a waiting list until an opening arises in the program.

Once accepted into an apprenticeship program, you will be required to attend classes and complete hands-on training. You will also be required to take and pass a certification exam. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, you will be qualified as a journeyman lineman and ready to start your career.

Discover How To Become A Journeyman Lineman!

Becoming a journeyman lineman requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. Taking the time to research and apply for apprenticeships is essential to getting started on this rewarding career path.

Train on the job to gain the experience and skills needed to become a journeyman lineman

Becoming a journeyman lineman is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions in the world. It requires hard work, dedication, and a passion for the trade. While some may choose to attend a formal apprenticeship program to learn the trade, many journeyman linemen get their start by “training on the job”. This involves learning the necessary skills and gaining the experience required to become a journeyman lineman while working alongside more experienced linemates.

The most important thing to remember when training on the job as a journeyman lineman is safety. It’s important to always follow safety protocols and take the necessary precautions when working on the job. That means wearing the appropriate protective gear, such as insulated gloves, safety glasses, and hard hats. It also means following proper safety procedures, such as working in teams and having an extra set of eyes to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Once you have established a foundation of safety, the next step is to learn the basics of the trade. This includes learning the different types of tools used in the trade, as well as the different types of construction materials used. You may also need to learn the proper techniques used to install, repair, and maintain power lines. Many journeyman linemen specialize in one or two specific areas of the trade, such as line construction or maintenance.

In addition to learning the basics of the trade, journeyman linemen must also develop the necessary skills to work on the job. This includes problem-solving skills, communication skills, and the ability to work with a team. It’s also important to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and safety regulations, in order to ensure that you’re always providing the highest quality of work to your clients.

Training on the job is an excellent way to gain the experience and skills needed to become a journeyman lineman. It’s important to remember, however, that it’s not a fast track to becoming a journeyman lineman. It can take several years of hard work and dedication before you’re able to obtain the necessary qualifications and experience required to become a journeyman lineman. But with the right attitude and commitment, you can make your dream of becoming a journeyman lineman a reality.


In conclusion, becoming a Journeyman Lineman requires a great deal of dedication and hard work. It requires a combination of technical knowledge, education, and on-the-job experience. Potential Journeyman Linemen must have a comprehensive understanding of electrical theory, construction and maintenance of overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems, and the ability to safely use specialized tools and equipment. The journey to becoming a Journeyman Lineman is a long and challenging one, but with the right preparation and commitment, it can be a rewarding and satisfying career.

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